So who wins?

The one who is angry, despair of life, she writes,

‘Life is a mistake, it is filled with mistakes and errors, you are haunted by your past mistakes, leads you to make a bunch of new mistakes! It is horrible! All I do is wrong, I take wrong decisions, chase wrong paths, and say wrong words! I am done. I hate everything. Please cut me a slack!’

Heat cools down, attention passes on to other things, for a while, she thinks again, she sees again, she starts writing again,

‘It is like writing, you make mistakes, you write again, you learn from past mistakes, you do not repeat it in the new, because you know now, but there comes another mistake, you learn another one. It’s a process, it’s a flux, and hence it’s not a straight line. You make mistake, you learn, you may repeat it again, because it’s a long run. Who keeps the score? If anyone, it’s you. What is your existence beyond life? If you are discussed, when you are gone, if you are remembered, when you are dead, it is by life, by another lived ones. A world devoid of life, might remember you with your elements and matters: carbons and oxygens, to its atomic level, but that’s not you, that’s all, all lives possess some or the same elements, every other life possesses those atoms as in you. Life celebrates life, life of the lived, life of the dead. You do not exist beyond life. Life does not exist beyond life.’

So really, who wins?

Header-image source: IMDB, Room, 2015 movie

©Moulina Bhattacharya

22 thoughts on “So who wins?

  1. So really, who wins?
    We all win just for being part of it all. For having made it here. It is the same win as for any star in the constellation. And here’s why methinks:
    “…take mighty mountains, brightest of stars
    take earthworms, eggplants, or slugs:
    all protons, neutrons, electrons like any one of us. Equally. (Just like you point out. Yes)
    So, when the questions and their answers
    or resistance and rejection
    turn your head in confusion
    make you scream, ‘so, who wins?’
    think of your greatness.”

    And I know this how?
    Because we matter in the grand scope of things. We win because we are alive: a-live. Radiating. And if someone sings our praise after we’re gone it’s because we lived a life that touched others. (blog: Chances are, you’re the reason for the celebration).

    And so we pray:
    “grant me wisdom to know how to do it
    with what I have, firm in my nucleus
    adjusted, more mooned with Mother Earth
    steadfast to do what’s right for her.”

    … because to do it differently, we all lose in equal shares. This is the only life that matters. How we live it brings us heaven on earth or hell.
    This is how I see it. And if this is just a rhetorical question, forgive. I took up too much space already. Sorry.

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  2. Glad you didn’t mind how much I said in your space. Got carried away. Words from recent blogposts. Bestowed on me by the universe in a moment when I was in the zone. You know how that is.
    I’m just the messenger of those words.
    Glad you liked them. I like them too and something in your post today made me want to share them.
    Thanks. We’re creating ripples. Love when that happens. Be well, lovely M. May the force be with you.

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    • There’s no way I’d mind! I do understand what you’re talking about, it’s writer’s roll…
      I feel that connection too… it’s so great that we connected through our blogs and our thoughts complement each other!
      Much love and best wishes.

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