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Reblogging one of Selma’s blogs— a fascinating piece of writing that beautifully celebrates life and its correlation to the grand design!

(A writing community becomes a community when they share corresponding chain of ideas that creates a rippling effect!)

I am really thankful that I found a kindred spirit like you, Selma, who not only reads my words but also apprizes her candid thoughts since the very first day of our WordPress camaraderie! Presumably, we share the same continent and will continue sharing & celebrating word-power as well!

With regard to this context, my last blogpost, So who wins? reflects upon the idea of uniformity that our life presents— conflicting oneness yet quest for individuality— imprints that we leave, eventually, by casting our emotions and expressions while we live, until our existence fully wears away… Selma’s thoughts on it added more meaning to it, hence this re-blog.

Happy reading!

Declaration: Shared with permission of the owner.

A slumbering soul ain’t ever been heard of And no dying dream a full life e’er could fulfill Life is precious when it is lived fully awoken Despite tribulations, sorrows, pain, and change This Life is real and please, make no mistaking  That another is the purpose of this phase …

Chances Are, You’re The Reason For The Celebration #encouragement #life