ex nihilo…

la porte du mystère

The perception of reality appears to be concrete. But the actual reality is in ‘disappearence’. It is like the residual self image at its vanishing point, one can see but can hardly etch its real form. Eyes can barely catch the process but see the outcome. It is a causal nexus, or an enigma. Reality separates dream from itself but the irony is that both of them are amorphus. Reality hovers, but one can feel its presence in every breath. It reinforces or it purges. Before the ultimate exaltation it may rip apart into lees of sheer possibilities. Dream, on the other hand is a simulation of reality. It surrenders only one time when it renders and it never happens because it never happened. The seer is perplexed enough with her/his exit from the simulated reality and entrance to the enigmatic reality. The truth grins wide…

13 thoughts on “ex nihilo…

  1. Well written for sure and has a personal view and opinion.
    Echoes my personal thoughts, too. If you’re still young, that’s a remarkable way of approaching reality and dream as two sides of existence.
    Dream as such can be attributed also to many areas of experience, take all meanings of dream and there you have it. In another words, this would be a debate about conscious and subconscious which manifest either as reality or a dream.
    I like how you kept this short.

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    • Since Plato’s time (prominently) the concept of Reality has been debated over and over as one of the commonest topics, likely to be in every discipline of studies…
      I find the flexible fineline between dream and reality very interesting. My last blog is on the concept of dream, I would like you to read it and share your views on it too.

      Thank you for taking time and stopping by.


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