Holograph of Dreams


Dream is such a concept! It is more astounding than its regular apprehension! Once Freud stirred it real hard, not sure if anybody brought a revolution of that range ever again. Well, it is not going to be leaning on such concept or theory. But I wonder why dream has not been subjected to the mainstream episteme! Dream has impact over so many things, such as, everyday thought, emotions (dormant or active), actions (may be) and many more. There are bunch of famous or not-so-famous or even not-known-at-all people put down their everyday dreams, decode them and give them real meaning. American novelist Jack Kerouac composed his Book of Dreams after his day-to-day (or rather night-to-night) dreams. So many people do not even remember their dreams or may be simply ignore them (especially those whose actions are driven by what, is hard to track on). I am a wonderer of dreams forever. Those dreams I remember from last night or the one from long ego, suddenly popped up through a course of actions, felt like déjà vu. I stop, think and try to find out the deformed metaphor hidden in them. I have just a little familiarity with psychoanalysis and this genre fascinates me.

There are certain places or emotions, I figured, keep appearing in my dreams like recurrent themes! Among other prevalent themes like space, decadence, being chased, relieved life, meeting the desire and so on, the theme of landscape is very prominent (more like topographical dreams)! Most of the story revolves around me, discovering a mystery-place led by narrow lanes, not fully impassable but a bit risky, quite secluded from crowd and common interest, as if anyone scarcely knows of its existence! Each time it would appear in different forms, once it was a waterfall upon a small waterbody, placed like a surprise amidst a lost forest. Another time it was a cliff from where the best sun set could be seen: the perfect tint of orange, yellow ochre and burn sienna syncing in a socked paper! There would be a shadow tree, black, unidentified. I would sit there calm in stasis like nothing bad had ever happened to me, like a newborn’s clean slate, only cherishing every scoop of what my eyes could see. A few people would be there this time, but they are strange, as if they do not belong to my world or time, they would walk past me like I am invisible, some of them would carry dry branches fallen off the trees stacked on their head, they would work their own, rustic life, like of countryside. I would have mixed emotions of suspense, worry (of my unnoticed absence/escape from home/ work) yet satisfied of the ‘terrific beauty’ I was relishing (Oh! It rings a bell! Like Thomas Wilson in the island of Capri, straight from Maugham’s story? But it started even before I read the story). Feels like I have travelled the time backward, in the primitive earth when it was not crowded, either with people, or our complexities. Like the narrow labyrinthine lane is a time-tunnel separating the world of now and then. The place always feels like an ideal space for the self to soothe and erase the trampling burdens; a proper escapade. Sense of being chased by unknown danger, impeding thorn walls and fear of exposure remains, for I liked the fact that I am the only one knew the existence of the place and did not want it to be littered by others.

As per the interpretation of my dream goes, I found many aspects. My love for solitude and seclusion or taking the road ‘less travelled by’ is basically inspired by my hatred for being commanded and competed. Even in real course of actions I am at my best when I am unnoticed or away from the race. Comparison and imposed expectations are those thorn walls encumber my brain like a negative reinforcement. I have always been influenced by others’ actions, I had to, that littered my spontaneous self/ space, and I think, I could have had done far better without those mental hydraulic pressures affecting my headspace. At least that is what I think, and thought is pulled away in the Subconscious, eventually bubbles up as dreams. Talking about how dream actually intervenes real actions or emotions seems like another string to pull, but later. I have felt its effect, transitory but effective, because it is a circle, differently processed but it is to acknowledge that one’s thoughts sediment, crumple and evaporate as dreams, hence dreams are the mental projection of thoughts through processed metaphors, sometimes much complex, sometimes linear, but I believe, an analytic mind can decipher its own tricks. I have had some exquisite dreams, difficult to narrate or make them sound Hitchcock-ish, but every time they left me in awe about how our brain works, really!

Postscripts: Speaking of metaphors, even this web space works like a metaphor to me, not like a ghost-space but it is seen/read by people around the globe (especially by those whom I do not even know). Recently I was going through a social media survey by an institutional research group where they asked a very thoughtful yet factual question, to rephrase, it was quite like, whether or not my social media impressions leave tracks of my lifestyle or current status. This space might not have such serious coherence like that of the question but it does feel like the mystery-place, one might read and explore or it becomes solely mine, only this time I don’t have the fear of it being littered.

Photograph: ©Moulina Bhattacharya

24 thoughts on “Holograph of Dreams

  1. Dreams are an interesting phenomenon. Most slip through the cracks before I can walk from my bed to the kitchen! The are most interesting to study what is triggering them.
    The blog is a wonderful place to meet folks from all over the world.

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  2. What a pleasure to read your words. I must have dreams nightly but For the life of me cannot hold on to them upon waking. I’d need to change how I greet the day, I guess; but my gratitude prayers first thing in the morning are something I never want to give up.
    Going to where the dreams flit first, to pull at the tail ends of dreams to try to understand them would mean I’d need to forgo what works for me already.
    In any case, I appreciate your amazingly beautiful mind, your thoughts about dreams and the eloquent way you express all this.
    In my mind, your words are melodious. And in my mind your voice sounded AudreyHepburn-esque. I loved listening to you talk. Thank you. I like what you say here.

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    • Whoa! You just made my day!! The words you said are probably all a budding writer would want to hear, even surpassed that expectation. Thank you so much! This inspiration will help me write more.
      Yes, I love studying dreams and what roots them, it kind of helps understanding my own stream of thoughts!
      And Hepburn’s reference, you made, just blew my mind! Lots of love to you.
      Looking forward to reading your pieces…

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  3. Moulina, my last poem contains a dream about Robert and me dying together. The dream woke me up, so I did remember it. I think that the dream revealed to me some of the mental images and attitudes I have about death and the afterlife. Dreams are our own creation, so they are useful for self-understanding.
    Unfortunately, I don’t often remember my dreams. You are lucky to remember your beautiful dreams. I enjoyed reading about them. I do sometimes experience lucid dreams. Have you experienced them?
    All the best! ❤

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    • First of all, thank you very much Cheryl, for reading it and sharing your views!! You have raised two very interesting points here! Theme of death is what I found, in my case, is grounded from the fear of losing loved ones, all our thinking of what-if(s) and what-then(s).

      About lucid dreams, yes I do experience them. It is funny actually, that I think/daydream/ have reverie(s) a lot, so sometimes I lose the fineline between dream and vision/imposed thoughts. By means of lucid dreams, yes, I know I am dreaming and sometimes I’d dream about dreaming! Because of this lucidity, probably it gets easier for me to remember them!
      Dream is, in fact, pretty brain-wrecking thing!
      May be I’ll write more about it later sometime…
      Thank you!

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      • I think it would be ideal for us to die together. Since that is unlikely to happen, one of us will be left to grieve. Having lost one husband, I know how sad that is. In my case, the dream may be a wish.
        Thank you, M, for your response.

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      • Yes, I get that life is not ideal and parting is heart wrenching! But it is unpredictable too, we don’t know what’s waiting for us. So leave that thought behind, both of you have miles to go… Don’t worry, everything will be alright!
        Love and strength,

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